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What To Wear: Winter Road Trip (Hers)

What To Wear: Winter Road Trip (Hers)


As we mentioned in our cross country road trip guide, we stupidly packed almost all of our clothing in the UHaul, thinking that we would be able to access it later. We were wrong. As the load shifted against the door, we knew there was no way we would be able to open the latch without everything falling out. So, we were stuck in the same clothes for 2 days straight, until we finally stopped in the only place open. Walmart. At 2am. It was both a blessing and a nightmare. So with that in mind, below is a list of things we actually did have and ones that we wished we had with us. Oh, and always pack multiple pairs of underwear and socks in the car with you. Trust me on this...


  1. It's silly, but having small luxury soaps and shampoo, like this one from Sephora,  will make you feel clean and sane once you’re on the road. After a long day driving, you’ll appreciate the simple pleasure. 

  2. We loved going through this book. When you’re on the road for this long, it’s easy to zone out and listen to music or podcasts, which we did and loved. But this book of questions helped us to stay awake and engaged with each other along the way.

  3. A heavy, waterproof coat is a must during winter. This one from Zara is affordable, stylish, and warm. Everything you could possibly want.

  4. It’s so important to layer. Getting in and out of the car at rest stops, you’ll want to throw on a coat, but then not be stuck in heavy things while sitting in the car. This turtleneck is so comfortable and perfect for just that.

  5. A little color in the dreariness of the winter scape is a must. So is this jacket from Sandro.  I lived in a similar Sandro wool coat and it kept my warm all winter.

  6. These Levi’s jeans are my absolute favorite jeans of all time. I would buy a million pairs and live in them if I could. The cut and length fit perfectly. I could not suggest them more.

  7. Zara turtlenecks are the best. They are thin, comfy, and affordable, plus they are perfect for layering as I mentioned above. I lived in these on the road.

  8. These are the most comfortable leggings, and they can be worn on their own or under your jeans when it gets really cold. I also highly suggest the Heattech leggings from Uniqlo, they’re super thin, but do the job of keeping you warm.

  9. We take this Everlane overnight bag on all of our trips. It’s durable and small enough to fit anywhere. It’s been with us across the country several times, and will be with us for many years to come.

  10. James and I have both worn this beanie from Bird. It’s so soft and works with everything, plus it’s active cashmere which machine washable. Win/Win.

  11. After sitting in the car forever, even the most unfit person will want to go for a run, or brisk walk. These Nike’s are perfect for that, plus we love the old school look.

  12. Hopping in and out of the car, you’ll want a boot that you can just slip on that won’t leave your socks or feet all wet. I’ve had Hunter boots for years and keeping adding more pairs to my collection.

  13. With the boots, you’ll need thick socks to keep your toes from feeling like they’re going to fall off. These fit perfectly in the hunter boots and are warm and snugly all on their own.

Later this week, James will share his top picks for what to pack. What would you pack for a long road trip? We love hearing from you!


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What To Wear: Winter Road Trip (His)

What To Wear: Winter Road Trip (His)

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