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Escape to Yakima

Escape to Yakima

A little over a year ago, we headed to the Pacific Northwest to celebrate the union of one of Hayley’s best friends. Over the last decade that Hayley has known this friend, she has heard all about this magical town that she lives in called Yakima. Boy, did it not disappoint! Yakima is this beautiful little alcove that houses a world that is like if Kinfolk magazine exploded. Not too far from Seattle, we opted for the the small, winding highway lined with massive trees covered in snow that lead the way to the Yakima Valley instead of the quick flight.

Even though Hayley had met most of the wedding party at the bachelorette in the San Juan Islands, this was James’s first time meeting the wedding crew. Everyone we met was young, naturally attractive, and genuinely warm and friendly. Most were makers in some fashion or another, from wine to cookies, and with side hustles abound in between. Each person was married and almost all had small children, with Instagram accounts that would rival your Pinterest boards wildest dreams. This place was so wonderful, that we briefly fantasized about leaving NY, and moving there. Our college friends from LA agreed, and we were tttthhhhiiiissss close to giving up the big city life and settling down in this magical utopia.

Once we arrived, we quickly got ready for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner at the Capitol Theatre and Cowiche Canyon, respectively. The Theatre was stunning, and perfectly coordinated with our friend’s wedding palette. The rich reds and deep golds made everything feel warm and nostalgic, yet grand. Laura and her coordinator did an amazing job.

The rehearsal dinner was no less fabulous. Cowiche Canyon is seemingly the place to be on Friday night, with a packed bar and younger crowd. Plus the drinks were amazing. The couple had a wonderfully intimate gathering, sharing a slideshow and stories from family and friends about how they met. It was truly a wonderful night leading up to what we can only describe as the most perfect wedding.

Laura and Donny’s wedding was no small affair, with a few hundred people in attendance. It stands as a testament to how wonderful she, and her husband, are as friends and family. The entire ceremony and reception was warm and inviting. We felt so loved and welcome, it was truly a magical event shared with friends, old and new, near and far.

The next day, we had a chance to go to Laura’s family’s winery, Gilbert Cellars. We have been hearing about the vineyard and tasting room forever. Her brother was kind enough to give us, and two other couples that Hayley went to college with, a tour of the grounds and a tasting of some wine. Guys, this place was incredible in winter, with its lavender and snow mixture. We can only imagine what it’s like during summer when they have their Summer Concert Series and you can stay in these tiny glamping cabins. It really is the Palm Springs of the Pacific Northwest and we can’t wait to go back. Though we’re hesitant to give away such a special place, we honestly couldn’t recommend it any more. What can we say is, we heart Yakima.



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