Walker's a wildcard. My admiration for him is only overshadowed by a deep sense of respect. His heart is truly pure gold, and I've never known someone to sincerely care for those close to him as much as he does. His life isn't governed by social norms and expectations, and as a result he lives in a true state of fluid lucidity, pursuing what makes him happy and genuinely existing in the moment. He's also the most daring person I know, socially and physically, never afraid to take a chance and carrying a confidence that most can only imagine. He's one person, regardless of the situation, that you never doubt will be there to help should the situation arise. His lifestyle, love of whiskey, fine women, and devotion to his dog Hippo he documents via photography, and his work and lifestyle which he catalogs into a blog is widely followed, feeding inspiration to those looking to live a free, unhindered existence that celebrates life, people, and a hard working, indomitable spirit.