Lindsey and I met our first year in college during rush. We'll fast forward past that year (her symmetrical features can explain why) to our years in Kappa where we, along with Kianne, Laura, and the rest of the '99 crew, became friends despite the fact that we had 12 girls in a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom house. There are so many inside jokes that I would love to share here, but even their nicknames are inappropriate.

After college, Lindsey was my roommate in LA. With our wall of disfunction, some pretty awful dating scenarios, ruined furniture from fits of laughter, and stacks of wedding magazines so heavy that our coffee table bowed in the middle, I can honestly say that Linds (I'm one of the few who is allowed to call her that) is one of my best and dearest friends. To this day, she is my go-to person for advice and laughter. Her quick wit and disarmingly sweet nature are two of the things that make her such a wonderful friend (and really just all around fabulous person).  I am thankful to have her unique ability to combine blunt observations with sass and warmth with me through all of the wedding (and life) planning.  Plus, after going through just about every bridal blog and magazine when we lived together, I couldn't imagine not having her, and her symmetrical features, by my side.