I met Laura during rush our Freshman year at UCSB. We both lived in the same dorms, wore the same necklace, and pledged the same house. The following year Laura was my roommate at Kappa and she would later become my roommate in London, where both of us attended Sotheby's Institute of Art. While working towards our MA in Art Business, Laura and I lived in the "dodgy area" of London where we shared a studio flat that we lovingly referred to as the "Dalston Junction Castle". While Laura and I had obviously already been friends and sorority sisters prior to moving to London, it was during that time that I realized just how incredible of a friend she is. From sharing tiny hotel rooms, housing month long visitors, hunting pheasant, running around the streets on London at all hours of the night, catching last minute taxis to turn in term papers, and forming our sure to be famous band "Wall of Heat", Laura has been an fantastic partner in crime, a fabulous best friend, and a true sister. I am so thankful to have shared so many wonderful memories with her and feel so fortunate that she'll be flying in from Washington to share a few more.