I remember the first time I heard about Kianne. While other girls were described as "sweet", "nice", and "adorable" during rush, Kianne was described as "worldly and intelligent". When I finally had the chance to meet her she did not disappoint. My friendship with Kianne, or "Ezie" as I sometimes call her, has been that of a true sister. She is someone whom I admire, who constantly challenges me mentally and physically to be a better person and to strive for the best. As a lawyer, Kianne may be my most pragmatic, serious, and headstrong friend, but there was a time before she entered law school when she visited me in London and she cut loose a bit. While she may not have enjoyed the cold, or my slightly softer tone of voice, she was a true sport during her trip. She may have made me track down the only organic health food store in the East End, but she did indulge in a slice of pizza in the middle of the night. We also made a last minute flight to Amsterdam, stayed in a boatel, went in to an authentic Amsterdam cafe but declined any of the typical treats because we were too worried to let our guard down, and took a romantic boat ride through the canals. Needless to say, it was a unique experience.

Since arriving back to the states, my friendship with Kianne has only grown stronger. While our boatel adventuring days may be over, I'm elated to have her with me as my bridesmaid to embark on yet another adventure.