I can't forget meeting Tommy for the first time through my roommate at the time. He pulled up in front of my house in Golden Hill in a lifted Ford truck wearing a baseball hat, having driven straight from the bowels of East County. Over the course of the next 6 years, I'd come to discover a rule breaking, independent, unconventional, and artistic best friend who challenged and motivated me. As our photography businesses and skills have grown through the years, we've bounced ideas off each other, shared the lessons that we've learned, and had a sort unspoken sibling-like competition that's pushed both of our work forward and our friendship tighter as we share our triumphs and defeats. Our common background of a rural, outdoors oriented upbringing, combined with our enthusiasm for photography, adventure, and whiskey, brought us together in some wild trips from remote desert camping to some of the most intense parties anyone could imagine going to or throwing.